Designed for organizations to gain control over the
bandwidth and to block specific websites at ease!

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For safe browsing, to gain control over the daily internet usage, and to monitor and manage bandwidth effectively Wi5River is highly preferred by most of the top organizations.


Why should you prefer Wi5River?

With Wi5River, you can easily allocate daily data limit to your employees and monitor their internet usage at just a click in a single dashboard. By doing so, you can cut down the cost of network usage and enjoy uninterrupted, worry-free, and secure browsing platform.

Wi5River also provides organizations with an opportunity to manage internet bandwidth effectively and block any irrelevant websites easily without any hassles.

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How to use Wi5River?

Wi5River is a rivalled Hotspot software that acts as a gateway for your prompt internet network. On initiating our hotspot software, the internet users of your organization will be login or pay before making use of the internet through a self-branded login page.

If paid and are provided with the remaining quota and time, the employees of your organization can access the internet automatically without hassles. Wi5River is known to protect the web usage and keep the browsings safe from any malware.

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