Smarter Mail

Give your business a professional look with

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Elevate the standard of your business by providing a professional email address for your employees.

SATHYA Technosoft

Spam & Virus Protection

Our mailbox comes with premium filtering feature which keeps your inbox away from and spam and virus.

SATHYA Technosoft

Secure & Private Email

Utilize SSL authenticated and encrypted email service to transact your business communications.


Smarter Mail is a simple-to-use, scalable business email, live chat, and collaboration server that meets the needs of any sized business, from the sole proprietorship to an enterprise organization. Its features are designed for businesses and help you get more out of your daily operations.

SATHYA Technosoft

25 GB per user

Each user under your account is bestowed with large mailbox size for effective usage.

SATHYA Technosoft

Outlook anywhere

Email on the go and stay connected with your business anywhere at any time via Outlook.

SATHYA Technosoft

Multi-layer of firewall

Get guaranteed robust antivirus and antispam protection for your smarter mail.

SATHYA Technosoft

ActiveSync compatibility

Let your business emails fly even from your Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Mobile.

SATHYA Technosoft

More than 99.9% uptime

To ensure that your business is up and running all the time, we provide the maximum uptime possible.

SATHYA Technosoft


Our peppy team is available round the clock to provide the best assistance via mobile and email.

SATHYA Technosoft

Easy & free e-mail migrations

Changing email providers is a little bit complex process, but with our dedicated and experienced team of expert, you can get easier email migrations.

Choose an Email Plan for your business!

Business Email 25GB Mailbox Space 600.00 /year
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Corporate Email 50GB Mailbox Space 1200.00 /year
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Migration Charges

Upto 10 Users
11 to 25 Users
Above 26 Users
700 500 400

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How will BMail help you to meet all your communication needs?

SATHYA Technosoft

Webmail Client

Get speedy access to email, contacts, calendars and other features from any of your mobile or desktop web browser. All that you will need to make easy use of the intuitive BMail's webmail client is a strong network connection.

SATHYA Technosoft

Group Chat

Whether needed by a team of 2 or 200, BMail's private and secure group chat allows users to communicate with multiple groups across an organization using virtually any desktop or mobile XMPP/Jabber chat client.

SATHYA Technosoft

Team Workspaces

Use team workspaces to power a business. Bring together customers, employees, contractors, friends, family or a mixture of all of them, using real-time group chat, live video chat, interactive whiteboards, and online file sharing.

SATHYA Technosoft

Desktop/Mobile Sync

Provide clients or users with the platform to make use of the application they are most convenient with. BMail works fine with both the desktop and mobile. It provides a better working environment in Windows, Mac, Android, iOS mobile devices, tablets, and all other desktop applications.

SATHYA Technosoft

Shared Calendars and More

This type of service is applicable to both desktop and mobile users. Clients can cater their contacts, tasks, notes, and calendars with anyone in the company or to a group of individuals associated with a particular department in the company.

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