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Wi5River comes with valuable features that will simplify your organization’s internet necessities.

Manage Internet Bandwidth

Bandwidth Management is the most specialized highlight of Wi5River. It can also prevent congestion and bandwidth abuse. Wi5River also optimizes the bandwidth with the help of Bandwidth Management property to ensure better utility and boost the ROI of an enterprise at ease. This feature bolsters network performance and productivity of any organization.

With Wi5River, assigning and limiting the bandwidth as per network necessities is simpler and conserving bandwidth usage of an organization cost-effectively.


Block Selected Websites

Are you looking to block irrelevant sites and to keep your employees away from distractions? Then you can make use of Wi5River to block selective websites. Blocking websites is simpler with Wi5River.

Enter the websites you want to block, and at just a click, you can block the websites at ease. For more details, you can contact our technical team of experts or reach us for a free Demo. We assist you with all your queries.


Monitor Internet User Activity

Gain control over internet user activity. By maintaining internet usage, you can cut down internet cost and make use of the internet at ease.

Wi5River is enriched with abundant features and highlights to simplify your organization’s network usage. Want more assistance? Then make us a call immediately for Wi5River new connection. Our team is available to serve you with the robust setup process instantly.

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