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Welcome Message

Welcome your client with an automated and attractive Voice IVR, then ask them to choose their desire extension as per their necessity. It will build a strong and good reputation over your business.

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Call Logs

History of each incoming calls, outgoing call, and the missed calls are made accessible in a single dashboard such that you will never miss reaching any particular lead.

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On-Hold Music

When all executives are in a hectic schedule, then the further calls will be mechanically transferred to a gentle and calming on-hold music by capture a similar number in reports.

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Call Recording

Call recording is easily accessible in the dashboard of Smartercall that helps you to examine your each day reports as well as for monitoring the excellence of online phone systems for small business.

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Automated Voice Response System

A division of hosted IVR solution that takes input from customer’s handle according to their requirement and then reply them as per the predefined setting for example settings like Press 1 for sales and press 2 for support.

SATHYA Technosoft

SMS & Email on Hosted IVR

The complete details of every incoming call, outgoing call, and the missed call will be delivered to your email address, and so you can also prefer to get email and SMS alerts for the same.

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Missed Call Alerts Service

Easiest ways to inspire targets and produce leads. Instead of asking likely consumers to call you, simply ask them to give a missed call. This will impress your customers to call you as and when a requirement arises.

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Call Forwarding

You can surely use our tools to set up call forward whenever you are offline, busy or not answering so that VOIP calls pending into your phone number are forwarded to another device.

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Voice Blasting System

It is an automated outbound voice messaging service that delivers pre-recorded voice messages to an entire contact list of your choice. It is a simple communications technology that blasts a recorded voice message easily.

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How to Get Started?

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Registration Process

By giving your E-Mail, Mobile Number, Password register with our application we'll send an OTP to verify your number after the validation you are ready to log in.

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Secondary Validation

By providing your registered E-mail and password user can log in to the application. In that stage, we will send another OTP to check whether the registered Mobile Number is active.

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Now you're ready!

The application records the SMS and Calls instantly that are received and pushes it to an API. Your commercial communication application is now ready to make wonders!

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