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SATHYA Technosoft

Web-based, easy-to-access, and fast

SATHYA Technosoft

A single database to store employees data

SATHYA Technosoft

Hassle-free processing of employees salary

SATHYA Technosoft

An integrated solution with attendance systems

SATHYA Technosoft

Spend less on payroll &
Focus on enhancing your business

Run payroll at ease and disburse salaries to your employees at just a click on-time every time. Team 12 also assists the human resource management team to track leave and attendance in no time. With Team 12, your company’s HR team can share a detailed payslip in a single click. Manage and streamline the process of payroll with Team 12. No more month-end stress, equalize the payroll process with our effectively designed payroll software.

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Team 12 is one of the secure, scalable, maintenance-free software. The human resource management team can increase the time spent on planning business-strategic and business enhancement tasks while paying employees of your company accurately on time and within the estimated time to boost their confidence.

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SATHYA Technosoft

Add banks for timely salary execution

Manage salary payment banks effectively and drop salary into your employee’s account at ease and share payslips also instantly.
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