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Basic 7999 Per Socket Pro Essentials 15999 Per Socket Enterprise Essentials 23999 Per Socket Pro 32999 Per Socket Enterprise Plus 47999 Per Socket
Install on Windows and Linux
Deploy as a VA or AWS AMI
Install on NAS
Install on Raspberry Pi
Data protection
VM Backup
Physical Machine Backup
Amazon EC2 Instance Backup
Backup for Microsoft 365
Immutable Repository
Application Support
Global Data Deduplication
Instant Verification
Log Truncation
Encryption in flight and at rest
Backup Copy
Backup to Amazon S3
Backup to Wasabi
Native Backup to Tape
Policy-Based Backup
VMware Cloud Director Backup
Deduplication Appliance Support
Backup from Storage Snapshots
Backup for Oracle RMAN
Data Recovery
Full Recovery
Instant File Recovery to Source
Instant VM Recovery (Flash VM Boot)
Instant Object Recovery for Microsoft Exchange
Instant Object Recovery for Microsoft Active Directory
Instant Object Recovery for Microsoft SQL
Instant Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) Recovery
Universal Object Recovery
Cross-Platform Recovery
Disaster Recovery
VMware VM Replication
Hyper-V VM Replication
Replication From Backup
Application Support
Automated VM Failover
Log Truncation
Replica Verification
Swap Data Exclusion
Amazon EC2 Instance Replication
Policy-Based Replication
Site Recovery
Native Change Tracking
LAN-Free Data Transfer
Bandwidth Throttling
Network Acceleration
Live Chat
Job Chaining
Global Search
Active Directory Integration
Role-based Access Control
Two-Factor Authentication
BaaS and DRaaS
Tenant Resource Allocation
Direct Connect
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