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The mobile clients feature automatic upload of pictures and videos users take and they can synchronize selected files and folders. The clients can handle multiple accounts, show all activity happening on the server and notify users of new events such as the availability of new shares.
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Ultimate Security

Powerful encryption capabilities and a built-in rule-based File Access Control. Complemented by strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection and more.

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Access data from FTP, Windows Network Drive, SharePoint, NFS, Object storage. Simple configuration and integration lower costs and decrease risk while leveraging existing IT investments.

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With Workspaces you can bring context to your folders, adding notes and even to do lists and links to files on top. This is great to coordinate with your team, making sure everyone knows what a particular folder is for, or to track important tasks in a prominent location.

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File Sharing

Send files and folders with just a few clicks to one or multiple customers. Create personal links for them to upload data to you. Files are securely transferred and stored on your own infrastructure, without any third party ever gaining access. The IT department enforces rules and limitations on password & expiration dates, access by IP, file type or size and more.

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Workflow management

With iDesk, system administrators can control and direct the flow of data between users on or between servers. Rule-based file tagging and responding to these tags as well as other triggers like physical location, user group, file properties and request type enables administrators to specifically deny access to, convert, delete or retain data following business or legal requirements.


Manage users locally or authenticate through LDAP / Active Directory, Kerberos and Shibboleth / SAML 2.0 and more.
Users can define their own, custom groups, named Circles. These can be managed in various ways, including with invitations, through an open listing where users can join with or without an approval step, with designated sub-managers and so on.
Users can share with these groups the same way as administrator-defined groups. Users can add members of a circle to a conversation, share a folder to a circle, assign a task to a circle and so on.
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Under your control

Boot VMware and Hyper-V VMs directly from deduplicated backups; migrate booted VMs to production if necessary.

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A complete platform

Instantly boot VMware VMs from physical machine backups.

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Military-grade security

Browse, search, and instantly restore files and folders back to source.

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