Ensure Vehicle Security & Track your Fleets 24x7!


Want to keep track of your Vehicles? Need protection against AutoMobile Theft? Well, We have a solution!

We are happy to help you with our GPS tracking system "SmarterPing", you can now track the real-time location of your vehicle with just a click. And our smarterping is designed with smart routing features to help you reach your destination on the quickest route possible. So that you can easily cut down fuel expenses and save time as well.

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SATHYA Technosoft

Real-Time GPS Tracking Alerts and Notifications

Need to reduce overspeed? just set the speed limit and if the speed of the vehicle goes over the limit you set you'll get notified immediately

Don't want your vehicle to go out of a particular area? With this amazing feature, you can set virtual limits for your vehicle. When your automobile leaves the particular limit or enters into it, you will be immediately notified.

And the best part is you can add an unlimited amount of virtual fences as you need!

What can a SmarterPing offer you?

Smarterping is designed in such a way to offer the below-listed features for the esteemed patrons!

  •   Better fleet management
  •   Real-time tracking and alerts
  •   Increase productivity
  •   Save fuel cost
  •   Monitor speed/driver
  •   Reduce overtime
  •   Prevent vehicle theft
  •   Geo-fencing
SATHYA Technosoft

SATHYA Technosoft

Real-time GPS location tracking

You can get the real-time location and condition of your vehicle in graphical reports and on Map location, with just a click!

SATHYA Technosoft

GPS tracking alerts and notifications

You can rest assured that the journey will be the best by installing SmarterPing in your vehicle because when anything goes wrong and there comes a possibility for mishaps you will be intimated at no time.

SATHYA Technosoft

Geo-fencing without limits

With this amazing feature, you can set geographical limits for your vehicle. When the fleet leaves the particular limit or enters into it, you will be immediately notified. Also, you can add as many spacial fences as you need.

SATHYA Technosoft

Fuel monitoring

Our Vehicle Tracking device not only monitors the fleet activity but also looks to fuel control. With this excellent feature, you can control your fuel/gas expense and ensure it is used economically.

SATHYA Technosoft

Holistic report suite

The complete history of the vehicle is stored here so that you can view the activity of the particular vehicle at any time you require to do so. You can replay and get to know the vehicle utilization and further details of the fleet.

SATHYA Technosoft

Data security

The complete data history of your vehicle is stored and we make sure to protect this data with robust security features so that your vehicle data is kept secure. We look to the security of your information at all times.

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GPS Tracking System - Client

This is an effective application with which you can track your fleet activities from your mobile phone. Our device is user-friendly and it can be connected with various GPS devices including Mobile phones and tablets. Once connected, you will get alerts and notifications round the clock so that you can respond to any of the deleterious activities instantly.

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Additional Benefits

SATHYA Technosoft

GPS speed control

Over speeding is the major cause of accidents. In order to avoid mishaps in roads, we have specially designed our GPS Vehicle Tracking Device with a speed limiter. When your vehicle exceeds the speed limit you can be immediately notified, so that you can control the speed and have a safe and secure trip.

SATHYA Technosoft

Fuel cost control

You can cut down your fuel cost by about 25% by using our GPS Vehicle Tracking Device. Fuel Monitoring is one of the amazing features that we have built in our application. Get the complete utility of our GPS device and ensure maximum fleet productivity and safety.

Alerts and Notifications

Below is the list of alerts that you will receive on installing our Tracking System in your vehicle.

  • Over speeding alert – To ensure driver safety and fuel efficiency.
  • Idling Alert - Reduce employee downtime and reduce fuel expenses.
  • Geo-fence Alert - Examine your vehicle when it enters or leaves a specified location.
  • Motion Alert - Get to know the unauthorized vehicle utility.
  • Long Stop Alert – Keep your fleet on task and on motion every time.
  • Engine on/off Alert - Know the start and stop time of your vehicle.
  • Battery
SATHYA Technosoft
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