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24/7 track your vehicles from anywhere.


Get alerts of your vehicle location.


Saves fuel from being burned up.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System in India

Smarterping is one of the best vehicle tracking systems in India allows you to view the location of your fleet vehicles in anytime 24 hours from anywhere. Our GPS vehicle tracking system also provides a list of your vehicles showing the status of each, which includes when a vehicle is started up and shut down, idling status, location, and speed. Apart from this, Smarterping gives you real-time alerts via Email for all-important things like Over Speed, SOS, Geo-Fencing etc.

Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

Our GPS tracking system that gives recorded sessions and even gives real-time tracking information with a complete history of the time. This allows real-time tracking on the map along with graphical reports that are provided to our customers with vehicle’s full status information.

GPS Tracking Alerts and Notifications

Automatically Smarterping sends all alerts and messages when anything happens wrong or go in the wrong track. To make your drivers, employees and your near dear one safe and secure under your watch. In Smarterping, with the press of panic button instantly alters on the trucking fleet management GPS mapping software platform will immediately give you a notification and keep you well informed.

Geo-fencing without Limits

Spatial fences allow you to confine objects to a prescribed geographic region. Alerts can be sent upon entering and/or leaving the fenced zone as well as in the event of delayed vehicle or asset. An unlimited number of geo-fences can be assigned to our software.

Fuel Monitoring

Vehicle tracking system software not only manages but also helps to record fuel level of the vehicle, which in turn helps our clients to control expense on fuel/gas. Improved fleet efficiency that increases fuel economy in transportation industry help in lowering risks and bettering regulatory.

Complete Report Suite

History of all vehicles is regularly recorded in smarterping, which helps to replay or see all the historical activities of a particular vehicle. The GPS tracking app of the robust framework provides a whole data for streamlined operation and gather full information about vehicle utilization, driver safety, and others.

Data Security

We are designed with tough security features which are built on our GPS Platform ensuring that private fleet/vehicle/asset data is kept secure.

Pricing Plans

Subscription with SIM
Up to 10  200 / Month
10 and Above  180 / Month
50 and Above  158 / Month
100 and Above  140 / Month
Subscription without SIM
Up to 10  150 / Month
10 and Above  135 / Month
50 and Above  122 / Month
100 and Above  110 / Month

GPS Tracking System - Client

This application allows you to track through GPS tracking software by using a mobile device. This vehicle tracking system is designed for management and fleet tracking. It helps the user to view directly historical tracks, to track objects in real time and give notification about any events that required to attend immediate attention. Smarterping Client is easy to use, user-friendly, has an intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with various GPS devices including Mobile phones and tablets.

GPS Mapping Software Client

GPS Speed Control

“Speeding is the major cause of accidents on our roads and we have to look for all possible ways in curbing this menace, ” Speed control is necessary to reduce accidents on the roads. Except that, we also need to know the details of the cars, like current location, speed, etc, and then when mishaps occur, we can offer help in time. So Smarter Ping device of SATHYA Technosoft combines GPS tracker and speed limiter. It includes both of features and offers a simpler way to control speed.

Control Your Fuel Cost

Discover how vehicle tracking can help reduce your fuel bills. Measure private & business mileage, identify MPG inefficiency, reduce excessive idling and eliminate fuel abuse to greatly reduce your fuel costs.

  • Cut expenses on fuel by about 25%
  • Gives you 24/7 access to fuel consumption
  • Alert you when there is a drainage along with time and location

GPS tracking to improve fleet management

You can set speed alert which is easy to get crashing, and route setting will also help your fleet be away from the dangerous road. Live tracking will tell you the current location when something happens, you can help at once.

Alerts & Notifications

One of the most fundamental requirement from Vehicle Tracking System is to provide accurate and timely EXCEPTION REPORTING.

Smarter Ping covers a range of Alerts & Notifications. These alerts and notifications are communicated via email or in the form of a text message (SMS) when such events occur.

  • Over speeding alert – Improvise on the driver safety and fuel efficiency.
  • Idling Alert - Cut fuel costs and reduces employee downtime.
  • Geo-fence Alert - Monitor when your vehicles enter/exit a location.
  • Motion Alert - Identify unauthorized vehicle use with instant alerts.
  • Long Stop Alert – Keep your drivers on the move and on task.
  • Engine on/off Alert - Keep you track of vehicle start and off timing.
  • Battery

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