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Shopify E-Commerce

Shopify has all inbuilt features that you will require to set up an online store and sell goods online. With the assistance of your login credentials, you can step into your administration area, from where you can build your engaging e-commerce website and you can also handle orders that are made by credit cards.

Add and Manage your Product Directory

To set up your e-commerce website in the most accurate manner, you can add the products that you are about to sell, the images of your products, and also you can set the product stock level that is available with you.

Upload Product Images

You can upload the images of your product, in this case, you need not worry about resizing your images, and we will assist with this and set the images clearly and accurately.

Description Information

In this section, you can add more details about your product, such as the weight, size, manufacturer and other required info about your product. This will easier for the clients to know your products.

Inventory Management

The inventory management becomes easier with the inventory editor that is associated with the order tracker of Shopify. We implement this effectively for your usage.

Import products in tons

You can import or add tons of products to your online store via excel. This will certainly reduce the time you spend on it and will make it productive. Start to build your online store now.

Categorizing Products

Shopify has the advantage of categorizing the products that you have uploaded to sell online, which is known as collections. For example, you can add all the Kurthas and T-shirts in the collection named clothing, at the same time, you can also add the same T-shirts in the sales collection too.
Also, you can group your products in terms of smart collections via which you can find products that are below your desired price amount and so on.

Content Management System

With Shopify you can develop e-commerce websites with a content management system (CMS), which allows developing web pages and blog posts of your own.

Create new web pages

With the content management system features that are associated with your e-commerce website, you can easily add web pages of your own in no time.

Create new blog posts

As the blog is the great means of marketing strategy, Shopify comes with an inbuilt blog software with which you can either create a new blog or you can transfer an existing WordPress blog to Shopify.

Manage Product Orders Easily

From your e-commerce website, you can easily accept and organize orders that are placed via credit cards.

Customize order notes

With this feature, you can allow your customers to add comments and choose options as per their desire to make payments for the products they have ordered through your e-commerce website.

Track order status

With this excellent feature, you can easily track the products for which you have received the payment and the products that you have shipped and the items that have been delivered so that you can satisfy the needs of your customers.

View Customer Details

Here you can get the complete details of the customer who has placed the orders with you. In case the fraud detection system found any fraudulence behavior of the customer that you can easily ignore the orders from your e-commerce website.

Customer relationship management

Manage customer groups

With this, you can easily create customer groups based on their interest and location. By using this information, you can easily target your desired customers and you can grab their attention by sending promotional emails.

Create customer accounts

By using this option, you can easily set up your public online store or you can also restrict purchases to the customers who have accounts with you. To maintain a secure order placement and exceptionally best shipping services pick this menu.

Set up multiple staff logins

With Shopify you can create as many staff accounts as you want. With these credentials, you can log in to the administration area and you can manage and handle your online store in an effective way. Also, you can set permissions to certain staff accounts so that you particular people use it.

From this account, you can manage the addition of web pages, blogs, you can process orders and maintain the inventory, also you can install apps and other specific features that you will need.

Pricing Plans

Features of Packages Basic Shopify All the basics for starting a new business Shopify Everything you need for a growing business Advanced Shopify Advanced features for scaling your business
29 /month 79 /month 299 /month
Online Store

Includes ecommerce website and blog.

Unlimited products
Staff accounts 2 5 15
24/7 support
Sales channels

Sell on online marketplaces and social media. Channel availability varies by country.

Manual order creation
Discount codes
Free SSL certificate
Abandoned cart recovery
Gift cards
Professional reports
Advanced report builder
Third-party calculated shipping rates

Show calculated rates with your own account or third-party apps at checkout.

Transaction fees 2.0% 1.0% 0.5%

29 /month

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79 /month

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299 /month

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