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Make simpler your IT communications by our complete cloud computing services portfolio, that is set to be ready for your project IT demands. Cloud solutions provide servers, networks, storage and applications to strategic cloud deployments for your disaster recovery; our cloud platform is built on enterprise grade technology that is reasonable and simple to organize within your enterprise.

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Why our cloud services are unique?

Nothing like the opposition, we don’t compromise on services and safety when it comes to cloud computing service providers. We don’t use commodity technology. Here’s what you get when you choose SATHYA’s Cloud computing service.


SSD Storage

SATHYA has brought for you Cloud storage services with SSD Hard disk. This will create your application load much quicker than yet. Solid State Drive (SSD) volumes bring even higher presentation for databases and I/O-intensive apps.


Windows Hosting

Our environment set up has Intel® Xeon® Processor @ 2.60 GHz Hypervisor CPU which will make the processing speed fast and the multiple operations without any interruption.


RAID 10 Storage

In RAID 10 configuration, every disk is mirrored which is helpful for data improvement. RAID 10 provides redundancy and presentation and is the most excellent option for I/O-intensive applications. The reconstructed time is very quick since all that is required is copying all the data from the surviving mirror.


Unmetered Bandwidth

The unmetered bandwidth hosting offers the benefit of the unlimited practice of bandwidth. An additional benefit of using an unmetered server is that there are no charges for data transfer usage.


Fast & Highly Scalable

The ability and presentation supplies for data warehouse requirements is to modify or grow, you can resize your cluster to construct the most excellent use of the cloud solution and storage options without any downtime.


E-commerce Apps

Meet changeable traffic events and lower costs for ongoing lifecycle management using public and private cloud hosting providers in India. As e-commerce apps have a lot of traffic and a huge amount of data, so cloud server is the most excellent solution for them.

Unmatched Cloud Service Providers

Our Cloud Computing is a grade IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform created on most recent virtualization techniques. These earnings that you can raise your business to attain new markets without worrying regarding upfront CAPEX of physical hardware. As far as cloud computing solution providers go off, we are exclusively positioned as the recognized front-runners in Cloud Infrastructure Services space. We contain the expertise, robustness of cloud infrastructures, maintain services and capability to present you the entire IT infrastructure in the cloud.


Safety & Dependability

Your data is mechanically encrypted and replicated in many geographic locations and fail-over between copies are handled mechanically. This means your data is protected and your database is accessible even in the event of a major failure.


Disaster Recovery

Run your applications with no disruptions erupting due to downtime or data loss with our automated fail-over capability. We build your applications extremely available and uphold them with the resilient multi-data center and multi-provider architectures.


Develop and Test Applications

Develop and test applications on on-demand environments by usually configured resources, thus dropping costs and decreasing release cycles. Such an application would involve a lot of data and resources.



You don’t include in starting from scratch with each new server. Put away your favorite configuration and open a new server in seconds.



Build peace of mind in a speedy way. We’ve got your data and configuration enclosed, mechanically and with no data loss.


Permanent IP Assignment

Steady and dependable. You’ll never lose your IP address. Re-provision all you desire, your IP is just that – yours.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service from SATHYA TECHNOSOFT

When it comes to organizing your task in significant infrastructure, selecting the right outsourcing partner is half the battle won. Get the most excellent infrastructure as a service from SATHYA TECHNOSOFT. With us, you get the first step towards aligning IT with business goals and attain much more than an easy drop of costs. We can assist streamline your IT operations using global standards such as ITIL and give you the flexibility to run IT costs and operations modified to your requirements.


Cost reduction

Lowering your expense between 20-30% of IT operations



Cut IT expenses from people and get connected straight to Infrastructure


IT costs

Get certainty to the IT expenses

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Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

Now, you can bring your own license for Cloud.

Price / month 999 + Tax
Memory 2GB RAM
Space 10GB
User Limit 2
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