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Having your location on Google My Business is no longer optional. Your competitors are already there.

Why should you care about Google My Business

Before starting with, the very first thing lies with knowing about "Google My Business". In general, it is nothing but a business listing service.

Let us make it even clearer with an example. In case if you search for "Sathya Parks and Resorts" it will appear on the right-hand side of the results, this contains some details of the company, the opening and closing hour of the company and so on.

Why Should You Focus on Google My Business?

People browse the internet to find what they are in need of. About 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every single day, so make sure you are found on the search results. The concept of ‘micro-moments’ was introduced by Google in 2015, which answers immediately.

Think something when you are looking for a service and do not find the related source on Google then how irritated you will feel at that moment, this shouldnt be the case with your company too. Here comes the importance of Google My Business, look below:

It’s simple and easy to use:

Google assists you holistically with the setup process. The setup process takes only a few minutes but the result is gonna be tremendous.

It’s important for SEO:

In olden days, if a keyword is repeated in your website, then it is sure that Google takes your site to the first page, but this is not the case now.

Now you will have to add more details about your business and social links to Google My Business so that your business will be spotted.

It gives you a competitive edge:

It is known that by making use of Google My Business you can find your competitors easily because your competitors are also using Google My Business to rank their site to the first page.

By providing more details about your business, Google finds it easier to analyze and take your business to the topmost position.

It can boost engagement:

Learn how many searches Google is facing per day and try to show your business in those searches. Google helps visitors to gain more details about your business and builds a strong relationship with them. Most of the people trust online reviews before making their purchase. So build positive reviews for your business.

Google My Business is like a mini website:

Google My Business can provide more for your business, here you can add an inquiry form or buy now buttons. You can also generate a new website for free by using the special tools that are associated with Google My Business.

It includes analytic:

It also provides you with clear insights. You can find your customers action, and how customers tried calling you, how much you attended and how many of them searching you via these insights.

Finally, its free and so you can join and get the fruitful business.

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