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Best delivery management software for Logistics, food, grocery and all type of delivery service. Track and manage every step of the delivery process.

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Delivery Management an indispensable part in logistics which plays a vital role in delivering the product from merchant to purchaser in a quicker way without any difficulty. The growth of Digital Market has taken this delivery management to the next level that has pushed product availability, even more, faster than earlier days. If you are a vendor who has your sales process on online then you need a reliable, assured and durable delivery management system to attract the customers which is why you need Carry4s one of the preeminent delivery management systems on the market. We completely take care of your delivery.

Live Tracking and Real-Time Monitoring: Track your product anywhere and anytime with our most reliable live tracking facility. With the help of this, you can track the products live location along with a tentative delivery time. It also gives you a real-time update of the product anywhere it goes. With the help of auto-generated URL the product you have ordered can be viewed in any devices you carry the status stays closed with merchant and customer.

"Your product moves under your site"

Advanced Routing and Auto-Dispatch Feature: With advanced route optimization technique, we provide the most efficient and short-time delivery with our advanced algorithmic engine, we calculate the delivery time and distances covered by your delivery executive and provide the most suitable and convenient route that ensures your delivery process adhere and on time. Once the optimization process is done the products are auto dispatched to the delivery executive with their route map.

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Gamify your Delivery and Proof them Digitally: Boosting your executive will boost your delivery process, with Carry4S every delivery gets a rating based on the delivery and products durability, higher the rating goes your executive becomes most reliable. Carry4S also have digital signing process which helps to complete the delivery anywhere, anytime without any difficulty. In merchant’s point the proof can be downloaded and shared digitally to any users.

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