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Clock Attendance Management

Mark employee attendance via GPS in real-time!

Clock Attendance Management

Find it difficult to mark attendance through the biometric system during COVID-19 pandemic?

Immediately switch to Clock, innovative attendance management software to record the attendance of your employees effectively, instantly and accurately through GPS location!

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Features of Clock Attendance Management Software

Here is a quick overview of the features present in the Clock Attendance Management software:

SATHYA Technosoft

GPS Captured Attendance management

The clock attendance app is built-in with GPS capturing technology. For every employee clocking, his/her accurate GPS Location will be captured instantly in no-time.

SATHYA Technosoft

GPS Lock/GPS Fencing

Our intelligent attendance app can be enabled with GPS Lock/GPS Fencing. Once enabled, the employees are allowed to clock-in/out only at the specified GPS location.

SATHYA Technosoft

Live Location

With the live location feature of clock attendance management software, we can view the real-time location of the employees of an organization accurately in the map.

SATHYA Technosoft

API integration

API only can be purchased and used for integration with your own GUI. With this feature, you can easily customize the attendance management app as per your needs.

SATHYA Technosoft

Comprehensive reporting

You can easily generate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly attendance reports of your employees and view or share as and when needed to maintain an effective attendance record.

SATHYA Technosoft

Auto-emailer of reportsĀ and downloads

Reports can be downloaded easily with the clock attendance management software and it can be sent as mail by scheduling as per your desire. This will ease your report activities.

SATHYA Technosoft

How can
Clock assist organizations?

The clock attendance management software can be integrated with the organization's ongoing APIs.

This software can be used to generate several user-friendly reports in the form of daily, monthly or yearly status views which can be used to analyze the behavior and work efficiency of the employees easily and these reports can be shared as and when required.

With clock attendance management software, organizations can also create self-service portals for the employees.

Using this software, employees can easily apply for leave and check their leave status easily in no-time.

An advanced advisory view option in this software is used to enhance the management of the workforce.

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SATHYA Technosoft

Clock attendance management software puts everything at the fingertips of the users and ensures seamless attendance operation!

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